How to Meditate

Here’s a short video introduction I recorded on how to meditate, and start mastering the art and science of meditation—and therefore start supercharging your »

Magick in the Aeon of Horus

How a New Aeon of magical consciousness is arising from the ashes of materialism In the following video—recorded at a live talk in an arts »

10 Reasons Why You Should Learn Magick

Magick. Qabalah. Tarot. Meditation. Ritual. What exactly is all this stuff? And, more importantly, why should you bother learning about it? Magick is the yoga of »

How You Can Help Magick∴Me Grow

Magick∴Me is a unique experiment in bringing ancient wisdom to a hypermodern audience, using the most advanced Internet technologies possible to advance the traditional techniques »

Magick∴Me—Our Mission

Magick∴Me exists to bring the teachings of the great esoteric traditions of the world to a new generation of students. The goal of these teachings— »

Why I Created Magick∴Me

Since the beginning, brave seekers have aspired to touch the unknown—to reach out for something greater than themselves, to transcend the world of the five »