Check out this absolutely stunning and original Southwest-inspired set of the Four Elemental Tools, by dedicated student Monessa Bacon!

Crafting the elemental tools is an important step for any student of Western magick, which can be undertaken either at the very beginning of the magical path, or as one assesses each of the elemental grades and energies in turn (as in Magick.Me's Adept Initiative course.

"There are four Elements, and original grounds of all corporeal things—Fire, Earth, Water, Air... and this is the root and foundation of all bodies, natures, virtues and wonderful works; and he which shall know these qualities of the Elements, and their mixtions, shall easily bring to pass such things that are wonderful, and astonishing, and shall be perfect in Magic."

– Heinrich Cornelius Agrippa, Three Books of Occult Philosophy, 1533.

While this can seem like a mysterious or confusing process, it all becomes much easier to understand when you get what the four elements represent—the deep psychological forces in man—and that, just like with anything in the psychological universe, they can be changed, manipulated, experienced and worked with outside the body by making symbolic representations of them. Understanding this psychological dynamic is key to understanding all magick.

One of the coolest things about magick is watching how each individual student manifests and personalizes their own psychocosm, for instance in the way they build their tools. No two magicians are fully alike, because no two people are fully alike.

Check it out!

The Wand (Fire)

The Cup (Water)

The Dagger (Air)

The Pentacle (Earth)

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