How You Can Help Magick∴Me Grow

Magick∴Me is a unique experiment in bringing ancient wisdom to a hypermodern audience, using the most advanced Internet technologies possible to advance the traditional techniques of the mystery schools.

This is a massive project—and at present, is largely operated by one person (Jason Louv), meaning the teaching, video recording and editing, coding, marketing, research, etc etc etc. This is a labor of love, and I could really use your help to grow!

Spreading the Word

If you've benefited from these courses, please tell a friend or two, or share what the school does on social media. Your personal recommendation is incredibly powerful.

If you'd like to help us further, you can become a full affiliate of the school—for instance, if you have a large Facebook group, e-mail list, or in-person community you would like to tell about the school. If you're interested, apply here to become an affiliate, and you'll receive a substantial percentage of every signup fee.


Course fees currently cover my basic operating costs. If you've benefited from what Magick.Me is doing, have the means, and wish to sponsor the Work, I gratefully welcome donations. All donations will be used to help the school stay afloat, grow, offer the best possible content with the best possible technology, and continue the work of bringing these ideas and techniques to a wider audience.

You can donate through PayPal at the link below. Thank you!

Assist Us

Do you have specific skills that could be of use to the school? I need the following to continue the school's growth:

Skilled video editors. I have a huge amount of video to process each week, and would greatly appreciate help with this so that I can focus on writing and teaching.

Skilled artists and graphic designers. I need new, compelling visuals to use to make Magick.Me as compelling and professional as possible. Please send your portfolio if you are interested in helping.

Event Space or Booking. If you're skilled in event booking and planning or have space that could be booked for an event, please get in touch!

Legal. Are you a professional business lawyer able to assist as the school scales operations? Please get in touch!

Skilled Web developers (JavaScript, Node.js, Ruby).

Skilled server admins (Ubuntu 14.04).

Skilled app developers.

You can get in touch here.

Materials and Equipment

I will gladly take donations of:

High end video and audio equipment or professional lighting gear

High end computer equipment, particularly for quickly editing video

• Out-of-the-ordinary esoteric books, libraries or papers for furthering research

Thanks for being a part of the Magick.Me community and helping the school grow!

Contact me here if you can help.