How a New Aeon of magical consciousness is arising from the ashes of materialism

In the following video—recorded at a live talk in an arts space in Los Angeles in 2013—I discuss how Magick fits in with the general model of psychohistory. I weave together insights from the Golden Dawn, Aleister Crowley, Terence McKenna, Peter J. Carroll and Genesis Breyer P-Orridge, providing a concise explanation of how humanity went from prehistoric, matriarchal psychedelic shamanism (Aeon of Isis) to patriarchal law, control and repression (Aeon of Osiris) to our current period—the emergence not of the Mother Earth Goddess or Father Sky God, but of the Child, the revelation of humanity itself as divine and ever-borning, ever self-creating. This is the Aeon of Horus—the hyper-connected, gender-fluid, sexually liberated, mystically inclined and yet endlessly violent era we now find ourselves in.

Check out the video below!

Top image via. Snippet of opening music from "Double Dare" by Bauhaus.

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