Here’s a short video introduction I recorded on how to meditate, and how to start mastering the art and science of meditation—and therefore start supercharging your life.

Meditation is the core, master skill of life. It’s a way of disentangling the chaos of the mind and understanding something very critical: That the turbulence in your life is almost always self-created, and therefore can easily be self-resolved.

Basic meditation and yoga, as demonstrated in the video below, comes in three stages: Stilling the body, stilling the breath and, finally, stilling the mind. Just a few minutes of meditation a day will remarkably improve nearly every aspect of life, and gradually change you from somebody who is stuck reacting to your environment, and into somebody that’s calm, collected and in charge of your environment.

Many people get confused about where to learn how to meditate—for instance, can you learn it for books, or do you have to climb the Himalayan mountains to learn it from a mysterious guru? Well, I've done both, and I can assure you: The best way to start learning how to meditate is right here, right now, by sitting down and following the simplest methods possible. Getting started now—taking action—is more important than any other consideration. By watching the video above, you'll have literally everything you need to take the first steps in building a serious, lifelong meditation practice.

You can always get fancier later, but even mastering the basics will literally do wonders for your entire life—bringing you vast improvements in emotional, mental and potentially even physical well-being.


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