Be yourself.

Those two words contain the entire universe.

Be yourself.

Become your True Self!

This is the entire point of spiritual practice. To most fully become who you already are.

Who you already are—deep in your core—is the pattern that has been laid out for you by the universe. It is sacred, given to you at birth. Nobody can take it from you.

And it's up to you to fulfill. It's a challenge from the universe!

We are all given a potential destiny. It's up to us to live up to that destiny, by the exercise of our free will. To reach for our star, or to fail to do so, and disintegrate into the mire. In this way, both destiny and free will converge.

The entire point of mysticism, magick and esotericism is simply to do this.

To become oneself, in the pattern that the supreme intelligence—whatever name one knows it by—has laid out for you.

(PS: I have spoken about all of this in great depth in my recent podcast about the True Will.)

Yet in the world of mysticism, magick and esotericism, we must keep our wits about us, as there are also infinite byways and alleys to get lost in.

There are dusty libraries of books that stretch to the horizon, that you couldn't begin to absorb even if you spent the rest of your life reading and categorizing... as many do.

There are endless practices that one can get equally lost in, escaping the world by hiding out in various meditations and rituals, forgetting what purpose they are meant to serve.

There are religions and orders one can join where you can while away your time playing status games with other (equally lost) people.

There are endless charismatic mystics and magicians, both current and from history, that one can strive to emulate, hoping that if you can somehow replace your own innate self with theirs, you will be as enlightened as them.

There are conspiracy theories one can get tangled up in, spending years searching the Internet for the next piece of the puzzle, and the next, and the next... until one realizes that the only thing they've been seeking is a justification for their own disempowerment.

And that's all IN the world of spirituality! These are distracting games played by people who are already on the path!

Shudder to remember the traps that await us in the world of the profane!

All day long, we are bombarded by messages telling us to be something other than what we are. Instagram nonsense, media distraction, celebrities, movies, advertisements, political ideologies, pressure for social conformity from every which way, in the real world and on social media alike.

Particularly now, people are seeking to define themselves as part of a team or group—based on their political beliefs, race, gender, sexual orientation, interests, or any other identifier—and to aggressively define themselves as separate and sometimes even violently opposed to other groups.

You don't need me to tell you that this is tearing the world apart. You can see it all around you.

But even more destructively, this mad rush to self-identify with external ideologies and identities tears individuals apart within themselves.

All of these groups seek to replace the individual's innate sense of self with the identity and ideology of the group. Individuals with a weak or damaged sense of self-worth are always attracted to such groups, which allow them to momentarily (although never lastingly or beneficially) pretend to be something they are not.

And now, such groups no longer need to exist in the real world; they are free-floating in the digital realm. People become ensnared by them through their computers and phones, becoming slavish adherents of ideologies they may never have met another actual human follower of.

This is as true of mainstream ideology and social consensus as it is of small groups, by the way. Even more so, in fact. The only difference between cult and culture is scale.

So to truly make progress, we must cast all of this aside.

We must remember that everything we truly need is already within us, and always has been.

Yes, this is an "obvious truth." And because it's something we hear all of the time, it's often something we forget.

But knowing something—even if you have been told it 10,000 times—and actually putting it into practice are two very different things. Very different.

And it's usually the case that the things we're told the most often, even from early childhood, are the most important. We're told these things constantly for a reason!

So this article is a reminder.

A reminder, I believe, that we all need more than ever.

The path of achieving the True Will—which is the path of being truly human—is the path of becoming who you truly are, of becoming who you know you can be at your absolute best.

All of the tools of magick, mysticism and esotericism—like the tools presented clearly and succinctly at Magick.Me—are there to help you do that. To become your True Self.

It's high time we all used them. That we all committed to becoming who we truly are.

Because the universe demands nothing less. It demands that we live at our absolute greatest.

But unfortunately, our culture—and all too often the people all around us—don't demand that. They demand that we play the game of life at their level, and by their rules. That we make ourselves small, so that we don't make other people uncomfortable. That we play other people's games instead of our own, so that others can control us.


Become who you are.

Be yourself.

Become your True Self!

I believe in you. I might not have ever met you in person, but if you're reading this, it's for a reason. It's because you and I share the same burning desire. The burning desire to be great. To be more than what the world expects of us. To excel. To be, as much as we can be, great examples for others. To hold ourselves to an almost superhuman standard.

By such people, the world is upheld. By such people, the world turns.

I believe in you.

Become your True Self!

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