Yes hello!


In these tricky times, everybody needs a little magick to get through... or a lot of magick.

Luckily, I've brought a lot.

First off, in case you haven't seen them, I've released two brand new podcasts, including one just out today. They cover how you can respond to this situation like the magician you are.

Here's the first one, "Magick in the Time of Coronavirus":

It's a world update from the Magick.Me backup bunker—and covers where we're at, where we're going, and what to expect next from Magick.Me. People be digging it. A whole lot of people be digging it. I cover a Bill Fay song in the opening. That's how you know sh*t is real.

AND here's today's brand-brand-brand new one, "Take This! It's Dangerous to Go Alone":

In this one, I have out a whole gift basket of primo-grade psychological tools for you... the tools you need to make it through DEATH RACE 2020!!


That's not all!


Because of this radical shift in the world, I've decided that Magick.Me's immediate order of business is to re-open The Adept Initiative mega-course for new students.

AS OF THIS MORNING, IT IS NOW OPEN. YOU CAN GET IT RIGHT HERE. You now have the opportunity to get immediate access to the entire recorded course, all at once.

The Adept Initiative—the most massive, comprehensive training in magick publicly available anywhere on Earth—comprises about twenty-three hours of recorded material, both video and audio, and dozens of handouts with supplementary information. Once you factor in time to complete assignments, like daily meditation sessions, the average time to complete the course is about seventy hours. If you go even further by adding in the extra credit reading, and extending the duration of your meditations, the material in the course could easily last you years of solid, rapid spiritual development.

I couldn't wish for a better stack of magical and spiritual techniques to be delving into at this time. I'm prouder than ever to have built this course, and incredibly happy that I can re-offer it to the world right on time, when people need it most.

As the relaunch consists of the recorded, refined and re-edited material from the January course, it will not include any live-streamed units. However, I actually think that the course will probably work a lot better this way, as you'll be able to consume big (or small) chunks as your new situation allows, without the pressure of scheduled daily live meetings.

I'm guessing you've probably got a fair amount of time on your hands right now. See it clearly: It's an incredible opportunity to slow down, do some real spiritual practice, and reconnect with your true self, true passions and True Will. And we'll be right there with you.

While other people are going nuts watching their billionth hour of Netflix or Playstation, you can be using all that time to make the fastest spiritual progress of your life, only to emerge from your cocoon with the world yours for the taking!

PLUS! IN ADDITION to the re-release of Adept Initiative, I've also re-opened The Fortuna Working to the public, which is a fully structured mega-ritual for generating wealth. Rather useful right now, I'd say! It will no longer be bundled with The Adept Initiative, and will be offered separately. You no longer need to be an Adept Initiative student to take it. That said, they go phenomenally well together!

Of course, in the meantime, the entirety of the rest of the recorded Magick.Me courses are already available with a Magick.Me site-wide subscription, just waiting for you to dive in, placing the entire range of magical and yogic techniques at your fingertips—ready for the taking while you have all the time in the world to Perfect Yourself for the new epoch to come.

And that's just the beginning.

I'm already preparing the next courses, and I'll be tailoring all of the coming content specifically to help you rise above this time—to help you flourish not just spiritually, but economically and materially.

Chaos is my specialty.

Magick.Me is not going anywhere. In this uncertain time, people need magick more than ever! We will continue operating, regularly offering classes, podcasts and new products. In fact, if all goes well, we're probably going to be doing a lot more than we were before.

Whatever comes, we'll have guidance and actual tools ready for you. Magicians are made for times like these!

Find yourself—your True Self—in The Complete Magick.Me Intensives, the full set of our master-level classes, and power up your life beyond what you ever thought possible...!

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