Wealth is often one of the biggest reasons people are drawn to magick. It’s not always easy to see ways to make more money by mundane means alone, and there are a lot of ways that your magickal practices can support an increased income.

It’s never by magick alone that you achieve increased wealth. You must take action, and have open ways for money to come to you.

Magick simply makes the connection between you and money, and widens those gateways. You’ll learn more about this in the instructions below. Before that, take some inspiration from one of Magick.Me’s star students!

Success stories are one of our favorite things to share, and member Chet Zar has a big one! Chet Zar has been struggling for at least the last 15 years with money. Chet told us that he always seemed to have barely enough to pay the bills, scraping by to survive as an artist - until he used the 7 Day Magick Supercharger and focused on increasing his wealth. It didn’t take long for the money to start coming in. When Chet looked at the timeline of his increased income, he realized that it lined up with his renewed practice exactly.

The biggest lessons you can use from Chet Zar’s experience are to consistently maintain a spiritual practice, even when you feel like you don’t have time for it, and to always have channels that can be opened wider to have more money coming in - like a job, a side gig, or a hobby that lets you make items to sell. Remember that there's always the potential for growth, and you have unlimited opportunities if you’re creative enough to make them.

Why Do You Want More Money?

If you want to make more money, you need to know why you have that desire. More isn’t always better, nor is it always necessary. When a person has enough money and resources and wants more just for the sake of having more without having a goal of sharing the wealth for other people in some way, that’s an unfulfilling desire. If a greedy person tries to use magick to get more money, they might get more in the short term, but thanks to karma, they will have some other price to pay.

Money is like energy, or like water. It wants to flow where it’s most useful. That’s why you want to have clear ideas why you want more money to come to you.

If you want to make more money to build a life you love, where you have more freedom and security, and time to pursue your passions, then money magick might be a great idea for you! Income is essential, and you have every right to make enough money to not just survive, but to thrive. You don’t need someone on the internet to tell you that you deserve nice things, but this is your reminder: You’re allowed to want and to have nice things that make you happy and improve your life!

Magick Money for Your Family

There’s a general rule that you shouldn’t try to do magick for other people. Each of us has our own karma to work through, and we have the sovereign right to our own journey and our own experiences.

Family, however, is a different story. In a family unit, karma is already intertwined. In Chet Zar’s case, he’s a grandfather who wants to protect and care for his grandchildren. That’s a noble responsibility! As a protector in his family, he assumes the karma of that responsibility, and is openly willing to take on suffering instead of having it pass to his decedents.

In many cultures, there are altars to the ancestors of the family, and offerings are regularly made asking for protection, well-being, and fortune to bless them. Chet Zar is able to provide in this way while he is still alive, and it’s likely he’ll be called on after he’s discarded his body and moved on to the next world for the same purpose. There’s usually only one magickally powerful member of a family pod (with the exception of more magickal cultures), so the householder karma usually falls to them by default anyway. They're the ones who work through ancestral karma and traumas. Since you’re the one reading this, it’s probably you - and you can rest assured you’re doing a great service for your whole family by working on your own spiritual growth and development.

How to Do Money Magick

Since just about everyone wants more money, there are a lot of proven approaches to getting more of it. As Chet Zar demonstrated nicely, having a regular, consistent meditation and spiritual practice - while it takes “productive” time out of your schedule - is the biggest step in opening up to more potential money.  The 7 Day Supercharger is the perfect kickstart to your practice, since this method both emphasizes meditation and supports focused goals like increasing your income.

If you already have a solid practice and want to dramatically increase your flow of money, you’re ready for the serious work.  In this case, you want The Fortuna Working. This working is not for the faint of heart! It’s an intense ritual - there are three forms included, the minor, the major, and the supreme, and you can adjust each one based on how much dedication you are willing to have.

If you don’t yet have a shrine to the wealth goddess Lakshmi, now is the right time to create one. If you’re on a tight budget, it can be as simple as printing out a picture and offering her the shiniest pennies you can find.  You can always upgrade later, it’s the intent behind your offering and your gratitude that she appreciates.

Sigils are another excellent and easy way to bring in more wealth.  If you haven’t created sigils before, you’ll want to use our guide to walk you through the process.  The key with sigils is to completely put them out of your mind and forget about them. You must detach from the desire before it can be brought to you.

Mitch Horowitz and Neville Goddard teach that, to achieve a goal, you must be able to feel the end result as if you already have it. Some sources on the internet will interpret that to mean that you should live an opulent lifestyle even while you can’t afford it so you “feel rich.” After a week of that, you’ll be poorer than ever, and worse off than when you started.  Instead, think about what you would be feeling if you had enough money to feel a sense of freedom and security.  Feel what it would be like for your worries about money to be lifted.

Opening Up Ways for More Money In Your Life

Society tells you that the way to make money is to have one job, and if you want more money you have to either get a raise or find another job that pays you more. How limiting! If you only have one way for money to come to you, that one way might not have the potential to give you the kind of financial freedom that you want and deserve. There are an infinitely large number of ways you can open yourself up to more money, and none of them involve a lottery ticket. We now live in a gig economy, and there are tons of ways you can pick up a side hustle that will give you an extra, and respectable income. You can be one of the strangers on the internet who brings other people food, you can use your artistic skill to make graphics as a freelancer, or you can create your own business doing something unique. Be creative here, and offer skills and services where you can provide value for a fair wage.

Pro Tip!

Don’t waste your time or money with the lottery. It’s usually a great way to lose five bucks. Think about how many other people are aiming for those millions, and what magick they might be doing to get it.

When you think about the workplaces that go in together on a ticket, there’s amplified group energy there that might pull that money to them. Instead, take that five bucks and put it somewhere it will grow, or spend it on something that either makes you feel rich, or give it to someone who needs it more than you. Giving money away is a great offering to any of the wealth gods, so give thanks to your chosen wealth deity for blessing you with so much abundance that you can help others when they are in need.

Future-Proof Your Finances

The world is chaotic and the economy is volatile. To remain safe and free to control your own destiny, it’s essential that you take command of your own financial situation, since that is the keystone of creating a prosperous life for yourself and your loved ones.

Check out The Fortuna Working—our masterclass in wealth magick, designed to supercharge your skills for generating wealth and wealth consciousness...!

Supercharge Your Wealth