Tight scarlet and purple dress with heels to match. Gold earrings dripping off her ears, gold nails at the end of delicate fingers, and a gold crown encrusted with pearls and gems on its spires. Full lips and raven curls that flutter to swaying hips. Sitting astride the Beast, her left hand holds the reigns while her right holds a golden chalice full of all the abominations of mankind.

Meet the goddess Babalon.

Babalon has many names: Our Lady, the Great Mother,  Mother of Harlots, Mother of Abominations, the Divine Feminine, and quite a few others.  Her origins trace back to the writings of John Dee and Edward Kelly, who used an obsidian mirror to scry otherworldly visions. In the Enochian magickal language, which was channeled by Dee and Kelly, her name means wicked, and she resembles the anonymous goddess from the Nag Hammadi text Thunder, Perfect Mind. Aleister Crowley in 1909 invoked Babalon along with the other Enochian Aethyrs which he detailed in his book The Vision and the Voice. If you choose to read from any of these original sources, remember that the material they channel is different from the writer. Don’t confuse the message with the messenger.

Why were these authors so horrified by her appearance? Consider that the primary religious text of the day was the Christian Bible, and Babalon rides the Beast from Revelations, heralding the end times. Earlier pantheistic cultures in Rome and Greece represented men and women equally in their deities, along with non-binary gods. The emperor Constantine forced the adoption of the heavily masculine monotheistic Christian mindset that is still prevalent today, which is why many practitioners continue to view Babalon with trepidation. The indoctrination of the above writers, even though they may have rejected the beliefs, had a lot to do with how she was perceived, and yet the Daughter of Fortitude bears all.

Working with the goddess Babalon means mingling your spirit with infinite potential, with all things that do exist and that may come to be. You’ll need a good deal of preparation to call her forth, but as you’ll see soon, bringing more of her energy into your life is simple. To fully grasp the depth of the Enochian entities such as Babalon, prepare yourself with the Entering the Enochian Universe course.  You can learn the history and application of the Enochian magical system from John Dee and the Empire of Angels, which can be purchased from anywhere books are sold.

Where does Babalon come from?

While Babalon herself is a modern emanation, she represents a far older archetype. The temple devotees of many ancient civilizations are one expression of Babalon, and some speculate that she is represented in Mary Magdalene from the Christian traditions. She represents the divinity of physical union, which is both creative and destructive. Working with her means suspending any taboos or judgements you might have about, well, anything.

Her energy is powerfully erotic and unconditionally accepting of all suitors. She is infinite potential, receptive to all things, and unknowable by the mortal mind.

Why would you work with the goddess Babalon?

Being raised in a society, any society, means being indoctrinated with a certain set of beliefs about what is pure and disgusting, good and evil, sacred and profane. We’re well trained from our youth to see dichotomy in the world, and to shun the things that we judge to be disgusting or sinful.

Babalon reminds us that all things are connected and that every aspect of life is divine. Her decree is to spill your blood in its entirety (figuratively speaking, of course) into her golden chalice, to mix with every other creation in the universe. In this way, you must accept the best of everything that has ever been created, along with the most vile and horrific.

Babalon is often depicted as fertile or pregnant, and working with her can help you to birth new ideas or entirely reinvent yourself. Her position is unconditional acceptance. She calls you to accept every single experience that comes your way without any resistance. Embrace and love everything you see no matter what, without judgement. She is a reminder that existence is suffering, and to show compassion to others is to show compassion to yourself.

Who can with the goddess Babalon?

While anyone can bring more of the essence of Babalon into their lives, She is a favorite deity of women, transgendered individuals, and those who are willing to look at the darkest parts of humanity. She reminds us to never turn a blind eye from something that you’re tempted to judge as ugly, disgusting, or evil, because they are part of existence and therefore part of you.

Her essence as the divine feminine is much needed in these times where patriarchal systems threaten the safety, equity, and well-being of marginalized groups. Working with Babalon prepares you to be a vessel for inspiration and action towards your true will and creating a future of acceptance.

Working with Babalon is an endeavor that must be undertaken only with consideration. She can be intense in her revelations to you, and you may be presented with dichotomies that you’re not prepared to accept. However, when you do decide to work with her, you can expect an educational and rewarding journey of clarity and acceptance about the world and yourself. What you perceive as darkness is actually infinite light.

Ready to learn more?

Babalon is one of the 30 Aethyrs in the Enochian system, which is a bit like the calculus of magical systems. It’s imperative that you prepare yourself for this endeavor mindfully. The Entering the Enochian Universe course is a complete primer that will allow you to learn the Enochian system and scry the Aethyrs, and do it safely, since it’s one of the most powerful magickal systems in existence. It is also available as part of our Core Curriculum subscription!

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