Few topics are surrounded by as much mystery and misinformation as magick, and that fact alone has kept many a future adept from ever developing to their full potential.

In the podcast below, Jason Louv debunks the four myths people believe that keep them away from magick, and reveals the seven mistakes that both beginning and advanced students should avoid at all costs. It's essential listening!

When learning magick from a trusted source - like Magick.Me - the path can be made easy, straightforward, and step-by-step.

However, when attempting to learn magick (or any subject, for that matter), it's all too easy to fall into the weeds.

In the case magick, man of these obstacles prevent future magicians from ever studying the art and science of magick, while others present themselves early in an adept’s journey to take them off course.

A qualified instructor can guide you away from making common mistakes like the ones discussed in this podcast, and help you get to your goal of learning magick and discovering your true purpose in life much quicker!

Now it's your turn.

Now that you’ve debunked the myths and learned how to avoid the big mistakes along the way, it’s time to take that Next Step to level up your life.

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