Twenty years ago, the world of Magick was pretty confusing. There just weren’t any good resources on learning magick… or even explaining what Magick actually is!

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Tibetan Buddhism often uses “vehicle” as the descriptive term for a teaching system that allows students to get from point A to point B. In this sense, Magick is a vehicle to take you from the life you have right now, to having the life you want, and becoming the person you want to be. Western Magick is an ideal vehicle to support you in reaching the destination you’re aiming for. It’s like a human optimization machine.

If Magick is the vehicle, then what are you?

YOU are a magickal phenomenon that the Universe has created to experience itself.

You, as the creator of your own life, use Magick to tap into the universal source of creativity. It’s a tool to harness your own innate creativity, divinity, and creative "chaos."

Chaos sounds scary to a lot of people, but it’s the force that makes any kind of change happen in the physical world. Sometimes that means a tree branch falling on your car, but it also means meeting the partner of your dreams in the grocery store checkout line. Chaos means creation, not disorder.

So the question becomes: How do we better use this innate creative force? How do we tap into this infinity inside ourselves?

The first step is seeing that the only thing stopping us from doing this, the only obstacle in our way… is ourselves. It’s only the material between your own two ears that stops you from achieving greatness, or that propels you toward true mastery.

So: How do you harness your own mind?

By tapping into a powerful technique that both Eastern and Western Magick and Occult practitioners have used since the study of spirituality began.
It's a science-backed tool that beats all others.

I’m talking about meditation.

Meditation is your first step towards personal mastery. It will assist you to begin dissolving the self-imposed limits in your mind. Once you remember that you are made of infinite creativity, anything is possible.

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