Life isn't always a fairy tale, and having tools to work through traumatic events and painful memories will help you both in your magickal practice and in your daily life. Working through this trauma allows you to fully experience what the world has to offer, which is difficult to do when your mind is playing a loop of all the bad things that have ever happened.

I don't want to be stuck in those memories, and I'm sure you don't either. A big part of magick is controlling your own mind, and that includes traumatic memories that you carry with you. Fun fact: Magick is colored by the energy you put into it. So, if you do a ritual and all you can feel is pain and trauma, your working might not come out the way you want. On the other hand, if you work to clear this trauma first, you're setting yourself up for some powerful and powerfully positive results.

Today I wanted to share a potent tool you can use to quickly change your mental states and alter your consciousness. This ONE tool can help you achieve greater mastery over your mind, get rid of negative memories, and give you a powerful new sense of control over your life!

It's called a Swish Pattern

Sometimes, negative memories of the past can interrupt our day or even continue to cause us pain in the present. We might not be able to go back and change what actually happened, but we can have COMPLETE control over the memory, remove its emotional charge, and free ourselves from it!

Let's try this:

1. Identify a negative memory you want to get rid of.

2. Close your eyes and see what you saw, hear what you heard, feel what you felt, in first person, as if you were actually there.

3. This may be intense, but watch what happens when you do this: Make the "movie" of this memory black and white instead of color. If there's sound, turn the volume down.

4. Now, shrink the movie all the way down to the size of a thumbnail and put it all the way down in the lower left corner of your field of vision (keep your eyes closed).

5. Now, while it's still there, run the movie in reverse at high speed—in just a second or two—while imagining the noise of a flipbook.

6. Great! Now bring it back up to full size (keep it black and white with low sound). Run the movie forward in normal speed. How does it feel now?

7. You're doing great. Now, shrink it back down to the lower left corner and run it fast and in reverse again! Make that sound!

8. Now bring it back up to full size and run it forward.

9. Do this five more times. By the end, the emotional charge should be gone.

You can do this "magic" on any memory, image or negative thought that you like. Pretty cool, huh?

Control your mind, control your life

You might have to use this technique multiple times, since it takes repetition to rewire the parts of your brain that tie the emotion to the memory. Our memories are part of what makes us who we are, but it's the stories we assign to those memories that impact the trajectory of our lives. Resetting the emotion tied to painful memories can short-circuit the narrative we have running in our minds and keep us from a downward spiral of self-destruction.

It might be tempting to hold on to the pain of certain memories. Perhaps you're using it to justify your anger at how you were hurt, or maybe you blame someone for a situation you're in. I get it, but holding on to the pain of these memories and events just drains your energy and keeps you from reaching your full potential. You're in control of your life, so let yourself take this big step forward.

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