It's been a few years since the release of my book John Dee and the Empire of Angels. Life looks a little different now... after all, that was a book about the apocalypse... now we're actually living in one.

I previously had a ton of posts on this blog linking to various appearances, talks and podcasts I did during the promotion of the book. I've unified them here into one post, containing not only my various talks, but also the additional courses and material I created relating to the book launch.

Although the book's been out a few years, this material is, of course, timeless—and absolutely central to the study of Western magick.

1. Seattle Esoteric Book Conference 2017

This talk was actually given halfway through the writing of the book, and contains the central thesis and argument of the first half.

2. Speech at Mortlake & Co.

Here's my full talk on Dee and his work from the official book launch.

The talk was given at the legendary Mortlake & Co. bookstore. The event went phenomenally—it was a packed house on both nights, with tons of sincere students turning up to learn about Enochian magick—and even do some of it in person.

3. Tin Foil Hat

I did several appearances to promote the book on the Tin Foil Hat With Sam Tripoli podcast. The trilogy includes me talking about John Dee, about Jack Parsons, and about Aleister Crowley. These were excellent conversations with two great comedians who have been very supportive of my work. Check it out! (And check out Sam Tripoli at the Comedy Store in LA if you can—I got the chance to hang out with him backstage at a recent show, where I got to see a true holy relic: The mirrored piano Richard Pryor had made in order to do blow off of...!)

4. Me and Paranormal You

I got heavy into Dee and the mechanics of the apocalypse on Ryan Singer's Me and Paranormal You,  taking Dee's worldview all the way up to the modern day and our current technological apocalypse.

5. Third Eye Drops

Relating Dee's alchemical superscience and apocalyptic thinking to the modern world is a theme I continue here, where I compare the arms race for alchemy to our current arms race around blockchain and artifical intelligence... and I'm not without some sobering words about the present state of our world.

6. Synchronicity With Noah Lampert

This is a great (and quick) episode of Synchronicity With Noah Lampert, in which I look at the broad subject of magick and Hermeticism, and how these ideas can directly benefit you.

7. Reddit AMA

I also did an AMA at /r/occult here, where I got into surprisingly deep territory and offered quite a lot of actionable and practical advice about magick.

8. Leak Project

I also appeared as a video guest on the Leak Project YouTube channel, and got to talk about my work with Rex Bear, the host. I got into some deep territory here, talking about—among lots of other subjects—Dee's creation of the British Empire, Crowley's satanism, the Law of Thelema, the Sumerian and Egyptian religions, the Christian right, and how to get into Enochian magick.

9. Chaos Magick Group AMA

This video AMA on the book was recorded for the Chaos Magick Facebook group. We got into some fun territory for sure.

10. The Duncan Trussell Family Hour

I appeared on Duncan's show to cover Enochian magick, the book (which Duncan loved and gave a great jacket quote for), my time studying under Genesis P-Orridge, what it's like to be in the aura of a saint, tantra, Aghora, psychedelics, my long-term plan for spreading magick around the world, how to get better at magick when the results just don't seem to be showing up—and lots, lots more. You can find it on Duncan's site here.

(Also, check out the amazing image that Duncan did of me below, hanging out in Kathmandu with the Enochian Holy Table superimposed over me, and Genesis P-Orridge keeping an eye on me in the background!)

Entering the Enochian Universe Course

Oh hang on—that's not all!

In addition to this, I also launched the "Entering the Enochian Universe" course, which gives you everything you need to know to start practicing the Enochian system—the most profound, deepest and most central system of the entire Western Magical Tradition.

NOTE: This is not the same class as the "Introduction to Angelic and Enochian Magick" class that was offered to the first readers of John Dee and the Empire of Angels. This is a 100% different and new class that focuses on the specific mechanics of the Enochian system itself, rather than the broader spectrum of angelic magic. You do not need to take the prior course to take this one. And by the way, this course is included in site-wide subscriber packages, so if you're already a Magick.Me subscriber, you already have access to the class!

Much has been written about Enochian, but few have actually practiced it or brought out clear information on how—and why—to approach the system. That changes right here and right now.

In this experiential, hands-on course, we’ll explore John Dee and Edward Kelly's Enochian magick. We’ll learn how to call the Enochian Aethyrs. We’ll get technically precise on Enochian as well, exploring not only the methods of John Dee & Edward Kelly but also those as the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, building a set of practical methods for performing Enochian magick. That means that you’ll walk away with everything you need to know to start doing Enochian on your own and exploring higher realms of reality.

I’ll also demonstrate how Enochian magick is performed by leading you through an actual consciousness-altering Enochian ritual. We’ll actually open up an Enochian Aethyr in class, so that you can get a first-hand experience of what Enochian actually is. That means that you’ll not only learn about magick, but you’ll actually be doing magick.

And what that all really means is that you’ll not only be ready to start exploring the most profound magical in the entire Western magical tradition after this class, but you’ll have actually done a lot of it by the end of the course.

Prior experience with magic is not necessary, just an open mind and sincere curiosity. You can either sign up for the class by itself, or for a site-wide subscription—it's automatically included in all subscription packages!

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