Well, dear friends, Magick.Me has officially entered the Web3 era—as promised on the mailing list, we've opened up our very own NFT art gallery on OpenSea, in order to feature the incredible occult artwork of our students.

NFTs are a technology that nearly everyone has heard about by now, but few understand. I've written up a quick starter guide to NFTs below. In the meantime, you can check out the gallery right here:

The Magick.Me Gallery of Arcane Delights

Go check it out now, and buy your favorite artwork while you can—there will only be one copy of each artwork for all eternity, and they're already selling!

It's an online occult art gallery.

We're lucky to count many, many talented artists as Magick.Me students, who are regularly producing phenomenal occult artwork—whether fine art, collages, 3D models, or music and video.

Art and magick are so intertwined that it wouldn't be terribly far off to say that they're branches of the same thing—so it's no wonder that so many artists immediately and intuitively understand magick.

The Magick.Me Gallery is a place to showcase all of that talent. It's the digital version of us opening a real life art gallery—but it's even better, because it's open to the entire planet.

Go check it out now! And after all—the way this whole NFT thing is going, the art you invest in today could be worth millions in a few months.

And if you're an artist who works with magical or occult subjects (in any medium) reading this, it's not too late! We're going to keep this gallery going and continually add to it. Email us now if you want to sell your art in the gallery.

And now, for the uninitiated, here's a quick guide to NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens), and why they're not just a fad:

What Are NFTs?

NFTs — non-fungible tokens — are digital assets that live on the blockchain (usually on the Ethereum blockchain, but increasingly on Polygon, Solana, Algorand and many others).

In short, that means that they are unique digital items that only one person can ever own at at time.

NFTs can be literally anything that can be digitally stored — but NFTs are often artwork, and the NFTs in the Magick.Me gallery are artwork, so let's focus on that for now.

In the "real world," if you wanted to invest in art, you would go to an art gallery, hobnob, and either bid on an artwork you liked or buy it outright. Then the gallery would give you the artwork to take home, hang on your wall, and eventually sell if you decided to make a profit on it.

NFTs are the same thing, but online. You buy them with cryptocurrency, you hold them in a cryptocurrency wallet, and you can either display them on your device (or even a digital frame), or turn around and resell them if you choose to. The media frenzy about people making millions of dollars from selling NFTs is about people doing exactly this: buying art and then reselling it at a profit.

This is how the "real" art world works, too. NFTs are no less real than "real art," in the same way that cryptocurrency is no less real than "real finance."

In fact, these are technologies that not only democratize the elite worlds of finance and art, but that are destined to replace them. And it's still early days—we're right in the thick of the biggest revolution in value transfer in centuries.

Right now, NFTs may seem like a "fad"—in the same way that Web sites, online gaming, and cryptocurrency seemed like fads. Within five years, they could end up being part of how you buy and sell on a daily basis. Dismiss NFTs at your own peril!

If you want to get fully up to speed on the blockchain revolution, look no further than my own Bitcoin Insider megatraining. It might be one of the most valuable investments you ever make in your life.

How Do I Buy NFTs?

First, you need an Ethereum wallet. There are many ways to do this, but the simplest right now is to download the free MetaMask extension for your browser or phone.

You can get MetaMask here.

Next, you'll need to get some Ethereum cryptocurrency. You can buy Ethereum from directly inside MetaMask, or you can buy it on a secure crypto exchange like Coinbase or Gemini, and then send it to your MetaMask wallet. We recommend the secure crypto exchange route, but either works just fine.

(Please note that we get a tiny commission if you sign up for either exchange through those links. Signing up is free, and we absolutely support and vet them as the best and most secure places to buy cryptocurrency.)

You can learn more about MetaMask in this Medium article.

You will then need to connect your MetaMask wallet to an NFT marketplace — for instance, OpenSea, where we're selling. Don't worry, this process is a lot simpler than it sounds – you just go to the page, create an account and then follow the directions in the MetaMask pop-up.

You can learn more about creating an OpenSea account here.

How Do I Buy NFTs on the Polygon Chain?

In order to make the buying and selling process smoother (not to mention a lot cheaper for you), Magick.Me sells its NFTs on the Polygon blockchain.

This means that you will need to "bridge" Ethereum across to the Polygon blockchain. It will then become WETH (Wrapped Ether), which you can then use to buy and sell Magick.Me NFTs.

Don't let this extra layer of complexity scare you off—this is also much easier than it sounds, and you will definitely feel super good about yourself while doing it, like you're an elite mirrorshades-wearing hacker that has occult knowledge the normies can never dream of.

(Hey, it's the small pleasures in life.)

OpenSea has a guide to bridging ETH to WETH right here, which we suggest you follow.

After that, it's pretty simple—browse to the NFT you want to buy, and click buy!

Alright, go ahead and check out the gallery now, and pick up your favorite art before it gets snapped up by somebody else! See you there!

The Magick.Me Gallery of Arcane Delights

(Oh, and PS: Once you've picked up an NFT, show it off on the Magick.Me Discord, where we've created an #NFT channel to talk about the gallery!)