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About Magick.Me

Articles about what the Magick.Me school is, why I started it, how to start learning and what to expect in the future.

How You Can Help Magick∴Me Grow

Magick∴Me is a unique experiment in bringing ancient wisdom to a hypermodern audience, using the most advanced Internet technologies possible to advance the traditional techniques of the mystery schools. This is a massive project—and at present, is largely

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Magick∴Me—Our Mission

Magick∴Me exists to bring the teachings of the great esoteric traditions of the world to a new generation of students. The goal of these teachings—from Eastern meditation to Western ceremonial magick—is the practical training of the mind

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Why I Created Magick∴Me

Since the beginning, brave seekers have aspired to touch the unknown—to reach out for something greater than themselves, to transcend the world of the five senses and grasp the numinous. This primal, undefined impulse gave birth to both religion

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