There is a lot of material on Magick.Me—almost 60 hours of recorded instruction at present. Not surprisingly, I'm often asked what order students should take the classes in.

I've laid out two potential training tracks: A quickstart, if you're time-pressed, which will give you the basics of how to do chaos magick; and a full training program that will take you through all of the material here in a way that builds skills step-by-step, interlocking them logically into a truly structured magical boot camp.

If you want to do the Quickstart, the best deal is to get the Chaos Magick Bundle.

If you want to do the Full Training, the best deal is to get a Subscription.


If you just want to jump right in to doing practical results magick, take the following courses:

1. Intro to Chaos Magick. This will train you in basic chaos magick theory, meditation, banishing, sigils, divination, altered states and ritual construction. Nearly all of the classes expand on the foundations laid in this class—and you'll be able to begin practice immediately after completing it. It's also in HD.

2. Advanced Chaos Magick. This expands the basic toolkit of the first class, expanding into invocation, evocation, servitors, belief shifting, personality shifting and maintaining a sustainable, long-term practice that's well-grounded in reality, showing how to turn chaos magick into a sustainable path.

You can also get both classes together as a bundle for less.


Either directly after completing or instead of doing the Quickstart, it's likely you'll want to get serious about building a practice.

Magick operates on a stacked set of skills, each of which can be trained separately or as part of a comprehensive program. These are (among others): meditation, banishing rituals, divination, dreamwork and astral travel, invocation, evocation, liberation and the True Will. The budding magician must then learn to put these pieces together as a vehicle for achieving their goals in life.

1. Intro to Chaos Magick. As above.

2. Hardcore Meditation. Will train you in building the fundamentals of meditation practice—Raja Yoga—that underly all magical work. Truly the be-all-and-end-all of Magick.

3. Introduction to Banishing Rituals. Learn the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram, Lesser Hexagram Ritual, Rose Cross and more—the full battery of Golden Dawn/LVX banishings for getting serious occult work done.

4. Master the I Ching. Divination allows the budding magician to double-check what they're doing so they don't cause themselves headaches, and opens a dialogue with the unconscious mind and intuition. Its use is critical for magical growth; the I Ching is the best divination system for giving yourself readings.

5. Master the Tarot. Tarot is the next divination system to learn after I Ching. Not only is it the best system to use for giving others readings, but it will begin to train you in elemental, planetary, astrological and Qabalistic correspondences—the language of Magick.

6. Introduction to Lucid Dreaming. Dream control, dreamwork and lucid dreaming allow the budding magician to begin accessing the astral plane, the world of the shared unconscious.

7. Introduction to Astral Projection. Astral projection now allows the magician to build on the toolkit of meditation, banishing, sigils and dreamwork to directly gain access to the astral during ceremonial ritual.

8. Practical Psychic Protection. Not only a safeguard against the pitfall of paranoia, this class will explain how to stay safe and grounded while performing magick, particularly as one's rites become more complex and intense.

9. Advanced Chaos Magick. As above.

10. Unlock Your True Will. Finally, tie it all together with this course on the True Will—take the skills you've learned and start applying them in the right direction, toward advancing your spiritual growth and progress towards becoming the person you know you can become.

If you to really go for it and watch this much material, you will likely save yourself a significant amount of money by getting a subscription plan instead of buying them individually.


1. Achieve Peak Mental and Physical Energy. Stack this with anything, particularly right at the outset. This can be taken either as part of magical training or completely outside the context of magick—either way, it will help you build a foundation of physical and mental toughness and resilence to tackle anything on this site, or in life.

2. Magick and Art. Take this course at any time after "Introduction to Chaos Magick" if you're interested in using magick specifically for artistic inspiration. It's an excellent, well-loved class—and pertains specifically to artistic use, so take it if you're art-inclined.