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Mastering Magick

Our new article series digging in to some of the more in-depth aspects of magick and the occult.

What Can You Learn from Shamanism?

One does not need to be a Shaman to practice Shamanism. Shamanistic practices include working with the spirits of ancestors who have gone beyond their physical bodies, and communicating with the energy that infuses all things, like the land, the water, trees, and even rocks, as well as animals.

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Working With The Goddess Babalon

Babalon has many names: Our Lady, the Great Mother, the Great Prostitute, Mother of Harlots, Mother of Abominations, the Divine Feminine, and quite a few others. Her origins trace back to the writings of John Dee and Edward Kelly, who used an obsidian mirror to scry otherworldly visions.

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