My friend Duncan Trussell has one of the best podcasts on spirituality on the planet right now—The Duncan Trussell Family Hour, in which Duncan interviews guests and explores psychedelic culture and how to evolve as a human being. It's an amazing and hilarious show, and I'm proud to have been on four times now. (You can also find my previous appearances on his show here.) Duncan also mentioned me and my new book John Dee and the Empire of Angels on the Joe Rogan Experience recently, which was quite a rush!

I appeared on Duncan's show this week and we had our best conversation yet—in which we covered Enochian magick, my new book on John Dee (which Duncan loved and gave a great jacket quote for), my time studying under Genesis P-Orridge, what it's like to be in the aura of a saint, tantra, Aghora, psychedelics, my long-term plan for spreading magick around the world, how to get better at magick when the results just don't seem to be showing up—and lots, lots more.

You can listen to the full episode below, where I've embedded it. You can also find it on Duncan's site here.

Also, check out the amazing image that Duncan did of me below, hanging out in Kathmandu with the Enochian Holy Table superimposed over me, and Genesis P-Orridge keeping an eye on me in the background!

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