Check out these excerpts from THE ALCHEMY OF CHAOS, Magick.Me's newest megacourse!

The Alchemy of Chaos, Magick.Me's new megacourse on Retaking Your Life, has been going absolutely swimmingly.

We're making great headway, and sharing all the tools you need to make the next year your greatest year yet, no matter WHAT the rest of the world is doing. The response has already been incredibly positive. In order to show you what we're up to, I've included several excerpts from the course below!

To start off, of course, if you haven't seen it already, check out the trailer for the course below!

This course isn't live, OR time limited, so it doesn't matter that it's already started. You can sign up NOW, and get the absolute, 110% full experience. We've really upped the game on this course—we've upgraded to a professional film-grade camera, professional sound, lighting, and a studio setup. That means that the course is being rolled out as pre-recorded units.

We're now into the second week of the course, but we're only on the first chakra out of seven. (In this course, we're taking you on a guided tour of your chakras, and tuning each and every one of them up so that you can THRIVE in the next 12 months and beyond.) So now's the time to hop in!

Check out some excerpts from the course below, from my Instagram:

(Here's some student comments from Instagram, you can also see them in the linked posts):

"All I can say is we are in the VERY BEGINNING and I've cried and been confirmed and encouraged and expanded AND RELAXED into my power so much already. Worth every dollar and BEYOND yall. 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥" - @naturalmagics

"You're one helluva teacher Jason!" - @rockinrealtysd

"I have been loving The Alchemy of Chaos 😭✨🎉 [leans into the mic] thank you for your hard work and commitment; it makes it easier to show up 110% in return" - @spacegold

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‼️IF IT WORKS, USE IT! When it comes to your life and your success, no technique, no strategy, no method for achieving your dreams should be off the table. It’s no holds barred out here! . Do I teach magic? Of course. But don’t get it twisted - magic is just a tool. The GOAL is you succeeding - whether that means achieving your ultimate goals in life or getting through the rough chop of 2020 day by day. It’s a great tool - and it’s just one tool of many! . My goal is human excellence. It’s working with YOU to unlock your full power. And that means giving you every tool, technique, strategy, method I can!! . It’s all in THE ALCHEMY OF CHAOS, Magick.Me’s latest, greatest, most comprehensive, most gorgeously produced course yet. It’s chock full of supercharged meditations, consciousness change processes, and ALL of the solid info you need to make 2020 your greatest year yet... no matter what the world out there is doing. . NOW is the time to jump in and start learning. Link in bio!!!

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To get an even closer look at the course, check out one of my most recent podcasts, where I give a full overview of what's in the course! (Please note that I mention that the course is pre-ordering in this podcast. It is now totally open for enrollment!)

This is already the greatest course that Magick.Me has ever offered—and it couldn't be more timely.

The Alchemy of Chaos is the ultimate course in leveraging every magical, psychological, economic and practical tool possible to master life, no matter how chaotic the world is. In this transformative, experiential, hands-on course, you'll break through the trauma of the world crisis, regain your footing, and unlock and unleash your inner power to rebuild your life. You'll walk away with a crystal-clear, empowering vision of an even stronger future than you previously thought possible.
Retake Your Life