It's no secret that Duncan Trussell and I have had some excellent podcast conversations.

Believe it or not, we've now done a total of nine podcast episodes together, primarily on Duncan's podcast, but also on mine.

Of course, one of our all time best conversations was immortalized in Episode #5 of his Netflix show MIDNIGHT GOSPEL, where Duncan appears as Clancy the Spacecaster, and I appear as his Soul Bird.

That conversation comes from Episode 302 of the Duncan Trussell Family Hour. It is THE EPISODE—the best all-time episode that Duncan and I have ever done, on the Tibetan Bardos. Whether you've seen MIDNIGHT GOSPEL and want the full (two hour) conversation that the episode was drawn from, 0r you're totally new, that's the place to start!

But there's so much more. Here's a quick guide to the shows we've done.

On Ultraculture With Jason Louv:

Episode 76: Duncan Trussell's INCONVENIENT TRUTH!

Episode 35: Duncan Trussell Visits the Black Monoliths of the Machine Sorcerers. In fair turnabout, we discuss Duncan's own background and history with magick and how he first got interested in the esoteric side of life.

On the Duncan Trussell Family Hour:

Episode 114: Our first conversation! We discuss the magical path, its many ups and downs, and Space Jellyfish.

Episode 160: We discuss the enlightenment process, crazy wisdom and Tantra, and Duncan gets an introduction to the chakra system.

Episode 230: We talk John Dee, occult harmonics, Enochian angels and the overlap between magick and music.

Episode 277: More on the Enochian angels, John Dee, aghora, and adventures abroad in Kathmandu, Nepal.

Episode 330: In which I discuss how artificial intelligence is radically changing the American economic landscape, and my plan for an army of Universal Basic Income-fueled wizards.

Episode 346: On awakening from the dream of life into the Hyperreal.

Make sure to stay tuned for further episodes to come! (You can subscribe to my podcast here.)

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