Symbols are a powerful tool, and are a shortcut to reprogram your own subconscious mind. You can be used by them, or better yet, you can use them yourself. You might even be able to use them to help you change the world! The symbols we’re talking about are called sigils, and there is no set library of them. You make a sigil yourself, for whatever purpose you are aiming for, like a new job or to meet a special person.

There are lots of ways to draw a sigil. The thing they all have in common is the creation of a symbol that gets into your subconscious mind while stripping away the meaning the conscious mind attaches to your chosen desire. A sigil is a symbol you, as the magician, use to communicate with your own unconscious mind to make a change in your own life.

What Can I Use a Sigil For?

You can use a sigil to support any kind of change or growth in your own life! Lots of people use sigils to make big changes, like finding a new job or getting a promotion, or finding a new romantic partner. You can use sigils for smaller things too, like quitting smoking or eating a healthier diet. You can use a Sigil for any aspect of your life where you need some extra support.

You want to forget the meaning that you created the sigil from, but you don’t need to forget the sigil itself. In fact, you’ll want to focus on your sigil with intensity for a short while each day. You can meditate on it for just 15 seconds, or it can be 15 minutes, but during your focus, put all of your energy onto your created symbol. You can even put it in strategic places in your life that won’t draw suspicion, like your phone’s lock screen or a sticky note on your monitor.
The great thing about sigils is that you don't need years of experience to create effective ones. Even if you're a beginner you can make powerful Sigils that will help you level up your life.

Can I Make a Sigil Stronger?

When you increase the scale, when you want to make a symbol that will speak to a larger number of people, then you’re thinking about a hypersigil. A hypersigil is a symbol you put out into the world to change other peoples’ realities if they’re open to it. (Remember, you can’t mess with someone else’s free will.)

A shining example of Hypersigils surrounds you every day: look around at all the corporate logos you see. They’re instantly recognizable by large numbers of people, and in a lot of cases they draw people to them because companies spent a lot of money and effort to create the association with positive emotions in the form of commercials and other ads.

Occult forces at work? Maybe, but the success of companies and logos can be explained with neurology. When people see a symbol or logo often, the familiarity makes them comfortable with it, and even attracted to it. Furthermore, commercials actively try to trigger positive emotions, with sexy models or luxurious cars for example, then show their product. This is why so many commercials don’t make a lot of sense: they’re going for emotional value, not to explain the benefits of their products. Activist groups create logos too, and these hypersigils can be just as effective as corporate logos in rallying people behind them to make changes to how the world runs.

Is There Magick in Memes?

Have you gotten caught up in meme-scrolling, or have you used memes as a form of communication? Memes are like a shorthand commentary on the state of the world or a situation many people are facing at the same time. They speak to the unconscious feelings of large groups of people. Because they’re tapping into a more primal, emotional part of the brain, they work much like corporate logos. There is some suspicion that the Kek memes had an influence on the 2016 US election, but there’s no way to prove if this affected the outcome or not.

What is undeniable, however, is the widespread use of memes to communicate ideas quickly to many people, making them a sort of viral hypersigil. Since humans are social creatures, and we’re wired to desire the acceptance of our peers, we see memes as a communication tool that binds us closer to our friend groups and solidifies the set of beliefs that keeps these groups together.

Practicing Sigils in Chaos Magick

Sigils are a foundational part of chaos magick, and while not every practitioner uses them, most find them to be a powerful tool to improve their lives. Since they’re so fast to create, you can use multiple sigils at once for different purposes, or combine several to make a larger sigil that encompasses different parts of your situation. Dive in to the Introduction to Chaos Magick course for a deeper understanding and instruction on how to create sigils for yourself, among many other useful topics like working with your dreams and creating personal rituals.

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