Do you remember how it felt when you started a new job that you were really excited to get? You walked in geared up to meet your coworkers and have a great first day full of orientations and walkthroughs, pleased with your sharp outfit. As the day moved forward, you started to feel a little lost, and maybe a little disappointed that you didn’t get the personal attention that would have gotten you onboarded in record speed. You had the guidebook, but no one could spare the time to tell you where to start, or what you needed to go through next.

You wanted to excel at your job, but you didn’t have quite enough of a map to get there. As the week wore on, you muddled through the materials, not particularly confident that you were being effective, but doing your best anyway. And that’s how it went for your entire time at that job.

Would you stick it out in a job like that, feeling a little lost and alone, like you weren’t part of a team? Or would you get disillusioned, looking for another role in the company or looking for a new job entirely?

Maybe, just maybe, you got fed up with that job enough to make a big change in your life…and you want to use magick to do it.

My friend, you are in exactly the right place. And you’re going to learn how to keep your magickal journey from feeling as disappointing as your first day at that new job.

Historically, magick has been taught through mystery schools, or from masters teaching apprentices. There was always a guide on the magickal journey until the initiate grew to become an adept who was able to practice effectively on their own. Later, the knowledge became encoded in books and web pages, some with great clarity and others shrouded in confusion and misdirection. Many potential students flocked to this flood of information, but applying it was difficult. It became easy to access this information, but the knowledge wasn’t practical or useful.

Be honest, how many times have you read a book designed to improve some aspect of your life, and didn’t follow any of the advice?

You, dear student, found your way here for a reason, and it wasn’t to casually browse lectures you could listen to on your commute. You’re here because you’re ready for your own journey, and you know that guidance and personal support are essential to success.

And that’s exactly what you’ve found.

If you are coming from our core curriculum, you have a basis of knowledge that will serve you well on the next step of your journey. However, be mindful that taking the next step will still require that you challenge yourself and remain consistent in your practice. We’re going to talk about your next level of development.

If you haven’t yet joined the core curriculum, rest assured that everything you need to progress is contained in the intensives discussed here. You can revisit the core curriculum to gain a deeper understanding of each of the modules, but they won’t be necessary for you to grow into your full potential.

The Complete Magick.Me intensives are a deep dive into every aspect of magickal practice that will develop your own True Will and support your optimal growth. This is how you future-proof your life: by taking control of your own mind and becoming the best version of yourself.

What if you could clear away the distractions and drama that life throws at you, and cut through the BS to finally become the person you know you’re capable of being?

Magick.Me offers you all the resources and training you need to do exactly that. It gives you the best of meditation, mysticism and magick—potent tools for mastering your mind, that share one goal: To reveal and activate your true purpose in life. Your calling. Your True Self.

What exactly does that mean?

You will work through lessons that show you where you are limiting yourself, and how to break free of those limitations. You will learn where you are stuck or trapped, and you will eliminate the obstacles that stand in the way of the kind of life that, until now, you have only dreamed of. You will harness the forces of chaos that cause turmoil in your life and use them to create stability and security in every area of your life, from finances, to relationship, to career, to lifestyle, to health and longevity.

Magick infuses everything that exists, especially the living tissue in your own mind. Harnessing this force, controlling your mind and tapping into your magickal resources, are the ultimate tools to creating a life you never need a vacation from.

While you work through the courses, you will not be alone. You will have personal guidance from the creator of Magick.Me, Jason Louv. He’s spent his life working through magickal practices and learning all the techniques available to distill the parts that work from the useless fluff with the singular goal of figuring out what actually helps people. He is focused on practices that deliver tangible, positive results that can be used in the real world, where people have busy lives. You will also have access to a community of other students and practitioners, many of whom will have gone through journeys much like your own.

In this bundle, you get all of our absolute best, most transformative masterclasses: The Adept Initiative, The Alchemy of Chaos and The Fortuna Working.

Designed to be taken in sequence, these legendary master trainings will give you everything you need to actually achieve that vision, and live your dream. The Fortuna Working is a bonus module included in this bundle specifically designed to improve your financial situation. This is a serious working that is not to be undertaken without planning and consideration. Several forms are offered depending on your level of dedication and how much energy you can put towards it. We included it in this bundle because so many students who were drawn to these courses needed to also improve their financial security, and we want to get you started on the right foot.

Your future self may feel far away now—but with the right tools, it can be much, much closer than you realize. The tools and techniques in these courses are designed to get you there quicker. They’re designed for real, tangible results—for gaining financial and career success, flourishing relationships, a deepening spiritual practice, fuller artistic expression, or even a new identity altogether. We’re here to hand you the keys to unlocking that genius—but it’s up to YOU to turn the key, open the door, and take that bold first step into your new future.

See you in class!

Find yourself—your True Self—in The Complete Magick.Me Intensives, the full set of our master-level classes, and power up your life beyond what you ever thought possible...!

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